My Husband Needed Special Equipment

When my husband was in a horrific car accident, I knew that our lives were going to change drastically because of his injuries. He broke both legs as well as multiple ribs, plus the doctors still were not sure if he would lose one of his arms because of the massive injuries. They were doing their best to save it. I instantly went to prayer, and I got busy getting other things ready for him. I knew that he would not walk for a long time because of the breaks in his legs. I went to the Polifisio website to get some information on the different wheelchairs there.

I knew that we were going to need a lot of things other than a wheelchair, but I knew that was the first thing we needed to focus on. He would be in the hospital for a few weeks because of the various surgeries that he needed, but then he would need to be moved to a facility where he would be tended to by professionals. We both wanted him to come home, but we knew that just was not possible.

The best thing I could do was order a wheelchair, so I talked with the rehab facility to get their input. I had no idea which wheelchairhe would need, so I knew I needed to get their expert opinions on it. They talked with his doctor to get a better understanding of his arm injuries because that would factor into the decision. I cried with relief when I found out that he was not going to lose it. He would not have much strength in it for a while, but it still helped to determine the wheelchair I had to order. The rehab facility is going to help me order what I need at home once he is done there, but that is going to be at least several months out.